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"No More Free Bugs" Initiatives

Two years after the launch of the "No More Free Bugs" philosophy, several companies and Open Source projects are now offering programs designed to encourage security research in their products. In addition, many private firms are publicly offering vulnerability acquisition programs.

This post is an attempt to catalog all public and active incentives. This includes traditional "Bug Bounty Programs" as well as "Vulnerability/Exploit Acquisition Programs".

Bug Bounty Programs

Reward Barracuda Vulnerabilities in Barracuda appliances, including Spam/Virus Firewall, Web Filter, WAF, NG Firewall $500-$3,133.7 CCBill.com CCBill web application vulnerabilities $200-$500 Djbdns Verifiable security holes in the latest version of Djbdns $1000 Facebook Facebook web platform security bugs. No third-party applications Starting from $500 Google Chromium browser project and selected Google web properties bugs $500-$3,133.7 Hex-Rays Security bugs in the latest public release of Hex-Rays IDA Up to $3000 Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and selected Mozilla Internet-facing websites bugs $500-$3000, plus Mozilla T-shirt Piwik Flaws in Piwik web analytics software $200-$500 Qmail Verifiable security holes in the latest version of Qmail $5000 Tarsnap Tarsnap bugs, affecting either pre-release or released versions $1-$2000
Vulnerability/Exploit Acquisition Programs



BeyondSecurity SecuriTeam High and medium impact bugs in widely spread software $n/a Coseinc Unpublished security vulnerabilities for Windows, Linux and Solaris $n/a Digital Armaments Vulnerability and/or exploit code for high value software $n/a ExploitHub Legitimate market-place for non-zero-day Metasploit exploits $50~$1000 iSight Partners Bugs in typical corporate environment applications $n/a Netragard 0-day exploits against well-known software $n/a TippingPoint ZDI Undisclosed vulnerability research, affecting widely deployed software $n/a plus awards and benefits, depending on the contributor's status VeriSign iDefence Security vulnerabilities in widely deployed applications $n/a White Fir Design Bugs in WordPress code and plugins (with over 1 million downloads and compatible with the most recent WordPress) $50-$500
Contributions are welcome! If you are aware of an initiative not listed here, please leave a comment and we will update this page over time.

Just to clarify, we aim at indexing programs that are:
  • Legal. Although black/gray market places exist, we don't certainly want to list them here
  • Active. We want to keep track of ongoing initiatives. Even time-limited programs are eligible, as long as they are still accepting submissions
  • Public. All entries must have publicly available details. This may range from accurate guidelines and rules to just a simple sentence stating the nature of the incentive
  • Reward-based. In most cases, entries are "cash-for-bugs" programs. However, any kind of tangible reward is eligible. "No More Free Bugs" versus "No More Cheap Bugs" disputes are not considered here

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